Garden maintenance

Why regular maintenance is so important

A garden that does not receive regular maintenance, will quickly degrade. The grass will grow quickly, weeds multiply and small trees grow into full trees in just a few years.

Before you know it, your lawn is full of moss and your flowers and plants no longer receive the light they need.

What we can do for you

Besides regularly mowing the lawn, we can take on the complete maintenance of your garden. This includes:
  • Planting of flowers, plants, bushes and trees
  • Making sure the plants get the proper nutrients
  • Making sure the plants get the right amount of water
  • Removing weeds
  • Trimming of bushes and trees
  • Cutting down of trees
  • Removal of treestumps
  • Trimming of hedges
Naturally we can maintain your garden the way you prefer. We can make it blend in with the environment around your house, but we can also give it a clean-cut look.

One-time or maintance contract

We'll gladly take over the complete maintenance of your garden, but we're also available for one-time jobs. In both cases we'll happily come over to discuss your wishes. Afterwards we'll send you a quote with an indication of the hours needed for the activities to be done.

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