Garden architecture


The first step towards a good design, is to make a list of your wishes and the options your garden offers.

Obviously, the available budget is also important, so please decide on the maximum amount you're willing to spend, beforehand, so we can keep this in mind when creating the design.

During the preparation, we'll also look at your garden and see if there are any parts you'd like to keep, or if you'd rather remove everything and start from scratch.

The design style

Before we start working on the design, we'd like to discuss several different garden design styles with you, so your garden is a coherent unity where the different parts are connected together the way you like it.

One part of the design style, is the use of so called dead materials, such as wooden platforms, bridges and pallisades. Water elements such as ponds and waterfalls are obviously also possible.

Design phase

Once we've mapped out your wishes, the budget and the design style, we'll get to work and create an initial design, which we'll then discuss with you and alter until you're satisfied.

Construction phase

During construction, we go through several steps:
  • Ground work: everything that doesn't stay where it is, is removed and any ground work is done
  • Infrastructure: drains and powerlines are dug in
  • Placement of dead materials: placement of tiles, water, pallisades and the likes
  • Placement of living materials: planting and (if required) adding nutrients of all flower, plants, bushes and trees

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